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Why Choose Us?

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Whether you’re planning your first event or you organise a different one every month, you come to realize that the venue is just one thing to decide on.

We’ve Got Karisma!

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There are so many other important factors that need to be suited to your occasion and executed perfectly to ensure that it is uniquely memorable to you and your guests.

And with so many boats and waterfront venues on the harbour to choose from, it’s wise to ask, why should I choose Karisma over the other?

Who We Are
What We Offer
How We Do It

Who We Are

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A company made of passionate people committed to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Karisma Cruises started in 2011 when our first vessel was built and launched in Thailand and soon-after brought to Sydney waters. Originally designed for the Hawkesbury River as a houseboat to be hired out for private use, the vessel had a week stop-over in Cockle Bay, Sydney Harbour.

It soon became clear that Karisma was better fit to shine on the waters of Sydney Harbour. Its modern fit out and stylish exteriors received immediate and ongoing attention from the public eye. After many enquiries from people wanting to book the vessel for private charters and much deliberation, Karisma was converted to commercial use and a charter survey was acquired to operate on Sydney Harbour.

We grew to become a recognised charter operator, with a reputation for its unmatched service and well-appointed vessel.

Still, before anything else, we’re passionate about what we do. Through our experience, we came to believe there’s no place like Sydney Harbour to create a truly remarkable event for you and your guests on any occasion.

That knowledge is what drives us to continue to deliver impeccable service from start to finish, supported by our fantastic team and our trusted suppliers, like Fine Spun Catering who have helped us serve our customers with incredible food for over 3 years. We thrive knowing that every single guest we host has our utmost dedication from the initial planning up to the event and later feedback.

And there’s no greater satisfaction than reading their testimonies and knowing that we are making a mark on a fun and thriving industry.

What We Offer

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Personalised service, the highest standard of hospitality and a versatile and modern vessel that’s the perfect balance between classy and fun.

Our mission is to ensure a seamless experience from point of enquiry right through to the conclusion of your event. To begin, we’ll offer you the perfect venue, take the traditional water-front view to a whole new level with 360 degrees Sydney Harbour views, without compromising on comfort or versatility.

Next, we’ll help you deal with all of the details through highly personalised service. We provide a range of options for you to choose from and one of our event coordinators is always willing to provide recommendations and advice based on your particular type of event to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed with the planning. In the end, you’ll have an event that’s been tailored to your every need.

When the big day of your event finally comes, you’ll have the full support from our crew that will be there to welcome the guests on board and make sure everyone can fully enjoy the experience. Our hospitality team delivers the highest standard of service to any crowd as we believe in friendly and attentive service to ensure a memorable experience with us.

To find out more about what makes our cruises so special, contact us today on 02 9518 5324 or send us an enquiry using our quick online enquiry form.

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How We Do It

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It’s no secret, we rely on a team of exceptional individuals with industry experience, creative minds and the skill to deliver an experience like no other.

As a well-recognised charter operator, there’s no doubt that what made Karisma Cruises become what it is today is the amazing team behind every single event.  Our team is our most valuable resource and it’s the power that keeps moving us forward and allows us to deliver everything we offer our clients.

May you be in touch with our team members, you’ll find that they’re knowledgeable in their area, friendly and attentive to your event requirements.

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and seeking a creative approach to everyday operations is what sets us apart and allows us to fulfil our mission of bringing our clients an excellent experience from start to finish.

Our team’s recruitment and training process are in line with Karisma Cruises’ idea of innovation and service excellence. Continuous improvement is a daily goal in our company and we make sure to provide all of our employees with encouragement and guidance to be the best version of themselves.

Every member of our team contributes in their own way to make our company and your event the best it can be. It all starts with the founders of Karisma that envisioned the idea of a company committed to client satisfaction and continuous innovation as the core values. They were the designers and builders of Karisma and make sure it continues to operate at the highest standard to bring our client memorable experiences.

Our event coordinators are the first point of contact our clients usually have and they’ll make sure the planning of your event is as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible.

Our marine crew is always on board to make sure your cruise is smooth and safe while our hospitality team attend to your guest’s needs. Your cruise director will also be on board to make sure everything goes exactly as planned.

Each team member with their own set of specialised skills will be working to make sure you make the most out of the finest experience you can get on Sydney Harbour.