Valentine’s Day Cruises in Sydney

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If you’re looking to treat your other half to a romantic cruise around Sydney Harbour this Valentine’s Day, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ve explained everything you need to know about planning and hiring an exclusive boat in Sydney’s most beautiful setting, ensuring your day goes just how you imagined and blows your partner away.

From weighing up the catering package to arranging your after-meal transfer, this guide will provide a range of useful tips for planning the ultimate Valentine’s Day cruise.

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Why A Valentine’s Day Cruise in Sydney Harbour?

Before we get into our top tips for organising your Valentine’s Day cruise, first we’d thought we’d explain just why they’re so special and why the night will be treasured forever by your significant other:

Exclusive – In the hustle and bustle of inner Sydney, it can be difficult to find a luxury and exclusive venue for the two of you to relax. However, by taking to the waters you are quite literally getting away from the city’s frantic atmosphere, allowing you two to have some much-deserved alone time.

Beautiful Setting – Sydney Harbour is one of the world’s most stunning settings, making it the perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day. The city’s beautifully-lit skyline, including the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge, provides a remarkable backdrop and aura, creating a memory that is certain to last forever.

Stylish Venue – Taking to a beautiful boat ensures you spend Valentine’s Day at an extra special location. Our boat, for example, isn’t just stylish on the outside, inside it’s packed with so many modern features, such as a heated spa, LED lighting and in-house sound system, so is certain to ensure a unique experience for the two of you. We also have three large undercover areas so that your night will still be as memorable even if the weather suggests otherwise.

Group Valentine’s Day Cruise

A popular option that we recommend is for groups of friends is to collectively hire a boat for Valentine’s Day. Most charters require a minimum number of people in order to operate, so it’s usually a good idea to round up your close friends and invite them to also spend their Valentine’s Day on board with you. Tables can be arranged so that each couple has their own area to exclusively relax and enjoy the evening.

Book Your Sydney Harbour Cruise Early

To avoid disappointment, we strongly advise that you book your cruise as soon as possible. The best and most reliable companies usually become fully booked well in advance and are unable to accommodate any last-minute requests, so if you’re wanting to guarantee a romantic cruise (rather than panicking and taking a trip to your local restaurant as a last resort), be sure to act quickly.

However, don’t just book the first or cheapest cruise provider you see, have a look around at the different boats and choose the one that’s right for you and your loved one. Our vessel, for example, is incredibly popular due to its versatility and stylish layout. Contact the various companies and discuss the arrangements they have in place, as well as what they can offer you.

If you’re looking to impress, it’s important you don’t compromise on the service or venue.

Choose Your Food & Drink Packages

Once you’ve chosen and booked your romantic cruise for two, the next step is to look through the food and drink packages available. Most cruise boats offer a wide range of catering options for you to enjoy, so finding the perfect one for both you and your partner shouldn’t be a problem.

Whether it be handmade canapés, a succulent platter or a selection from the formal dining menu, many couples choose to have their food freshly cooked and prepared by professional chefs on board the vessel. It makes for an intimate experience and is ideal for those who want to receive a professional service from the friendly hospitality team.

Alternatively, some couples prefer to bring their own (BYO) food. BYO-style events are perfect for those who perhaps might have a different sized budget, or want complete control over their catering arrangements.

You also need to consider the drinks service on offer. Some boats will provide a fully-stocked cash bar, while others might not have the capacity, requiring you to bring your own selection of drinks.

If you’re looking for some catering inspiration, feel free to take a look at the diverse range of catering packages we offer to customers aboard our modern cruise boat. They’ve proved to be a major hit with guests in the past and make the perfect Valentine’s Day dining experience.

Arrange Transfer

If you’re wanting to visit some of Sydney’s vibrant bars and other attractions after, not to worry, the majority of vessels (including ourselves at Karisma Cruises) have the ability to access most of Sydney Harbour’s wharf locations, allowing you to be dropped off at the most convenient location. Just be sure to communicate with the owner of the boat beforehand to let them know your requirements.

Getting Started with Karisma Cruises

If you like the sound of treating your special someone to a romantic Valentine’s Day cruise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team today. We’re dedicated to making sure your time with us is just how you envisaged and is the perfect afternoon or evening for you both.

Our attentive hospitality team deliver the highest standard of service and will always be on hand if you require any assistance.

Contact us today to book your cruise or find out more about what we can offer.

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