Tips for Hiring a Catamaran in Sydney

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Sydney is home to some beautiful sights, and we all know the best way to experience them all is from the water. Sure, you can wander on foot and get lost in crowds, but why not make the day unforgettable on board your own catamaran?
Whether you want to hire a catamaran for a party, a corporate gathering or a simple day out, there are plenty of aspects to consider. So, if you are looking for a magical day or evening on Sydney Harbour, here are some top tips for hiring a catamaran in Sydney.

Tips for Hiring a Catamaran in Sydney

Make a budget

This one may seem obvious, but your budget can determine a lot. From splashing out on fancy catering to finding cost cutting options, having a budget can make decisions easier.

Get a group of you together and work out how much you are each willing to spend. Do your research and find options that fit. You may find that with lots of you clubbing together, you have plenty of money to work with! From here you can choose the catamaran you would like, how long you can afford it for, and other expenses such as food or staff.

If you have any money left over then you can consider some added extras to elevate your day. Think realistically and be wise with your money – you wouldn’t want to compromise on hiring time and cut the fun short!

Consider any additions

While the catamaran you are hiring is the main attraction, there are extras you can add on for all kinds of fun.

If you are hiring a catamaran for the ultimate girls’ day or well-deserved relaxing treat, make sure there are spa amenities on board! Catamarans with hot tubs are high in demand – and it is easy to imagine why. For a family fun day in Sydney, check if there are inflatables for hire, so you can make the most of the water while splashing around with your loved ones.

At Karisma Cruises we pride ourselves on our luxury catamarans for hire in Sydney. With all the amenities you need for a hassle-free day on board, our catamarans are perfect for everyone. From fun inflatables and plentiful entertaining spaces, to a sunbathing deck and heated spa, Karisma Cruises aren’t your ordinary catamaran hire.

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Plan the catamaran’s course

Before getting on board, you can plan your route with the catamaran operator. While weather and other factors may affect your journey, this is the perfect chance to put forward your ideas and see all those coves and sights you may otherwise miss. Just have a chat with the coordinator and see what is possible, you may be surprised with just how much you will be able to squeeze in!

This is also an important time to consider your boarding and disembarking locations. Choose your ideal wharves and let your catamaran coordinator know. Although not guaranteed, having your choice of wharf can help reduce logistical issues and travel times for guests.

Choose the right size

Catamarans come in plenty of sizes, meaning you can choose the right one for you. Work out how many of you there will on board, as well as requirements you may have – will you need more than one toilet? Are you planning an overnight stay?

While a huge catamaran may seem exciting, it may be unfeasible for a smaller group. However, you don’t want to choose the smallest or cheapest options either, as you may end up compromising on comfort or desired extras.

Design the menu

Do you want food on board? If so, do you want to BYO and keep costs down? Or, do you want to take the hassle away and have a catered catamaran hire? Once you decide on BYO or catered, you can get started planning the menu.

If doing BYO food, make sure you have all the cutlery and utensils you will need as often these aren’t provided. Check with your provider and see what amenities are included for you.

When hiring a catered catamaran, there can be plenty of food to choose from to suit all kinds of preferences and cuisines. For example, on Karisma Cruises’ catamarans we offer a range of buffet, BBQ, platter, canape and formal dining menus for all occasions and celebrations. We partner with a local caterer, Fine Spun Catering, to provide a fully personalised and professional service to a top standard.

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Pick the beverages

Similarly to food, there are often BYO or drinks packages to choose from. Depending on the amount of people on the catamaran and the occasion, demand for drinks may vary.

BYO options are usually the cheapest way to supply drinks on board and helps to ensure everybody has something they like. On the other hand, paid packages can help take the stress away and may even include bar staff to deal with service. For a party of corporate function, paid drinks packages are ideal, providing a professional service without the hassle.

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