The Ultimate Guide to Organising Group Activities in Sydney

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Nothing beats a fun-filled day spent with your nearest and dearest. But sometimes you need to switch it up, move away from your regular haunts, and try something new.

We’ve put together this useful guide to planning group activities in Sydney, including ideas of what to do and organisation tips. Whether you are planning a corporate team building day, a birthday party, or simply a fun get-together for you and your friends, Karisma Cruises can help you out.

Group Activity Ideas in Sydney

Once you’ve got your squad together and the date in the diary, it’s time to decide on your group activity. Fortunately, there is plenty to do in and around Sydney – here is some inspiration for the best group activities.

Trampoline Parks

Relive the childlike wonder of bouncing away the hours but on a larger-than-life scale. Trampoline parks offer a range of fun activities, from simply throwing shapes, to dodgeball – even courses to test strength and endurance. Grab your group of friends and get creative, having flip competitions, comparing gymnastics or racing to complete endurance races.

You will quite literally be jumping off the walls!

Sydney Scavenger Hunt

Get to know Sydney better with a scavenger hunt. Rally your friends and follow clues while exploring the stunning city. Not only will you all enjoy becoming Sherlock for the day, you will walk for miles without even noticing.

These interactive adventures take you and your group on a journey around the city, and although you may somewhat be against the clock, there are plenty of opportunities for you to stop and admire the views. Whether you and your friends are local to Sydney or are tourists in the city, scavenger hunts are a novel way to explore Sydney like you never would have before.

Escape Rooms

What’s better than being trapped in a room with your closest friends? Being able to leave! Escape rooms are the perfect group activity as they are super fun but can also be extremely challenging. Choose a room with a theme you like, from haunted house to science laboratory, to get the most out of it. Once you complete one, you’ll be eager to do more.

Escape rooms are a guaranteed laugh, even if you don’t make it out in time. Put your thinking caps on and get smart with your friends.

Cruise Sydney Harbour  

How else are you supposed to enjoy all that Sydney Harbour has to offer than by chartering your own boat?! Grab a group of friends and take to the water.

Stay on the boat all day and throw a BYO party to keep it budget friendly or go all out with onboard drinks and canapes. Either way, don’t pass on the ultimate group activity. Our team at Karisma Cruises will help you create the perfect activity for your group to suit a range of budgets and celebrations, from organising drinks or serving food, to providing party décor and a DJ.

Hop from one glorious beach to another with BBQ and sea paddling intermissions, or stay on board, revealing in the exclusive views while soaking up the sun. Hire KI in the evening for a luxurious A-lister experience, sipping on bubbly in your glad rags. Make the most of our 6-person heated spa for ultimate relaxation, or conversely go wild on our inflatables. No matter how you want to spend your day, we can ensure you and your group of friends have an unforgettable time.

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Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge may be incredibly cliché, but it affords incredible views and a great sense of achievement. Perhaps one to avoid if any of your group is scared of heights, climbing the bridge takes you high above Sydney Harbour and up into the sky. Once at the top there will be high fives all round, as well as incredible Instagram snaps! Although maybe not the most inventive group activity, you certainly can’t do it anywhere else!

Tips for Organising Group Activities in Sydney

Coming up with an activity for a group to do is hard enough, however there is a lot of planning and organisation that must go into group activities.


Consider how everyone will get from A to B. Taxis can be costly, trains unreliable, and buses slow. Charter a boat and have all your friends in one place, while having a mini party on board. Transport shouldn’t be mundane, and the good vibes should keep flowing, so don’t skimp on excitement.


When planning a group activity, it can be near impossible to find something that suits everyone. Some people may not want to drink while others do, some may want to do something sporty or active while others don’t, some may want to be inside while others want to be out. A BYO event such as a picnic or boat hire can be a welcome compromise, letting everyone bring whatever they personally enjoy and create the activities as they go along.

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Having an idea about budget is important for finding an activity everyone is happy with. No one likes forking out more than they would have liked to. The benefit of groups is that everyone can club together and afford something they wouldn’t normally do. Work out what the group is willing to individually pay and work from there.


Make sure everybody has what they need, be it a swimsuit or food! Anyone turning up to an activity unprepared will likely miss out on some of the fun. Ensure everyone has what they need for the ultimate day out. Take away the stress with a fully catered and organised activity, so all you and your group have to do is turn up.

Group Activities with Karisma Cruises

If you are searching for the ultimate group activity in Sydney, look no further than Karisma Cruises, luxury boat hire on Sydney Harbour.

Our experienced staff know how to throw the best party, entertain all groups, and create an unforgettable adventure. Whether your group want a daytime inflatables extravaganza or sophisticated night-time soiree, Karisma Cruises can make it happen.

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