The Importance of Quality Catering for your Chartered Boat

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Voyaging through Sydney Harbour never fails to amaze.

It is a spectacular location, filled with breath-taking views, culture, entertainment as well as tranquillity and relaxation.

Hiring a boat on Sydney Harbour is a great way to celebrate an occasion, whether that’s for a special day like a wedding, Christmas party, corporate event or even just a private party with friends and family.
You can be certain Sydney Harbour will not disappoint.

Once you’ve decided on hosting your event on a chartered boat in the Harbour, one of the key decisions you’ll need to think about is what type of food you want. The food will play a big role in defining the character and atmosphere of the event, so getting it right is really important.

Finding the right kind of food for a cruise is often easier said than done, with many boats offering standard packaged food. This has unfortunately given chartered boats a bad reputation when it comes to food, as it’s almost considered an afterthought.

This is something we felt needed addressing and with our long-term partnership with Fine Spun Catering, we have created a dining experience to exceed all expectations for chartered boats.

Importance of Quality Food

It goes without saying that a quality food menu will enhance any event.

Your guests will get hungry throughout the day and will no doubt enjoy food that is fresh, local and tasty.

Here at Karisma Cruises, we host all sorts of occasions, from weddings, to corporate events, to Christmas parties. All these sorts of occasions could be negatively impacted if cheap, packaged food is used, which will most likely leave guests feeling slightly underwhelmed. In contract, a quality food menu that reflects the occasion will help create an unforgettable day.

When thinking about your food menu, consider:

  • Type of Event
    The type of event will likely dictate what type of menu is best suited, whether that’s canapes, BBQ, sit down meal, or other options.
  • Numbers
    The number of guests will also play of role in the type of food to serve. Formal dining will take up more space so won’t be suited to larger numbers, whereas smaller events could cater for more intimate dining experiences.
  • Timings
    The most appropriate food menu for your event will likely be impacted by how long you are on the chartered boat for. For an afternoon party, nibbles and snacks may be all that’s required, but if you’re planning a full day of entertainment, you may need to consider additional food to keep guests’ hunger at bay!
  • Budget
    Just because you may have a smaller budget for your event, doesn’t mean you need to compromise on food. You don’t need to resort to packaged, tasteless food to save money. Instead, menu options such as canapés or platters, whereby guests can nibble and graze on delicious food, is a great cheaper alternative to a full dining experience.
  • Dietary Requirements
    Understand your guests and what type of food they like. For example, if there are lots of vegetarians, selecting many meat dishes may not go down well, regardless of how good it is. Talk to your guests and get a feel for the types of food you think they would enjoy.
  • Season
    Some types of foods lend themselves better to certain seasons. A BBQ, for example, is more suited to hotter days when people can sit outside and enjoy it.

Food for All Occasions with Karisma Cruises

When you think about the best type of food for your cruise, it often depends on the type of event.

Fine dining and luxury food are often really popular for occasions like weddings or corporate parties. But similarly, hiring a boat to enjoy Harbour Life or the Melbourne Cup, may lend itself to more of an informal food menu.

This is where we pride ourselves on having a variety of quality options so you can pick a food option that best reflects what type of event you want.

Our menus are extensive and include something for everyone.

Fine Spun Catering

By choosing Karisma Cruises, you have the peace of mind that the food will be quality.

We’ve handpicked Fine Spun Catering for their extensive packages and incredible taste!

You can choose from a variety of menus, including buffet, canapes, BBQ, platters and fine dining. Within each option you can find a menu to suit your budget and meal requirements.

Even our low range packages include homemade or freshly grown produce. Quality is never compromised.

We can also cater for special dietary requirements so simply talk to our team about specific dietary options. We will ensure all your guests get food that they love.

To enhance your experience with us onboard your charter cruise, the chef from Fine Spun Catering will come onboard to prepare and cook the chosen menu, resulting in the freshest service available.

Our staff will also serve you and your guests the food so you can just sit back and enjoy the day, not worrying about the food.

All our food menus can be viewed online – simply select the type of menu you want and browse the different packages available. You can also view the drink options too. Similarly, if you’d like to learn more about these menu packages, just get in touch with us and we’d be more than happy to explain anything in more detail for you.

You can also view Fine Spun Catering’s menu and experience on their website.  Fine Spun Catering is a culinary design house, based in Wollongong with a well-established venue called The Woolshed.

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