Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruises – Planning the Ultimate Corporate Lunch

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Corporate lunches are ideal for meeting with clients in a less formal environment. Enjoying a meal and socialising with your clients in a location free from the day-to-day distractions of the office doesn’t just enable you to enjoy great food in a world-class location, it also allows you to get to know one another on a more personal level.

These types of lunches have become incredibly popular for organisations in a wide range of industries and are seen as a perfect opportunity for maintaining business relations.

However, with so many stylish venues dotted throughout Sydney, deciding which one is best to host your event can be a tricky task. It’s absolutely crucial that you get it right, because a poorly-planned corporate lunch can leave a lasting impression (and certainly not a good one).

One unique location that is perfect for holding these luncheons is none other than Sydney Harbour. Taking your clients aboard a luxury cruise boat for lunch and gliding through the glistening waters and picturesque bays is a unique experience and something they’re likely to remember for years to come.

Here at Karisma Cruises, we’re passionate about helping ensure our guests’ functions run seamlessly. Below we’ve listed some of our top tips for planning a networking event, corporate lunch or any other similar event onboard a vessel on Sydney Harbour to make sure you’re prepared for the day.

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Plan Early

The key to getting these sorts of events right is to start your preparation months in advance of the date. There’s a whole host of different things you need to plan, so the earlier you get started, the less stress you’ll have nearer the event date.

The first thing to think about is the type of corporate event you want to host. Do you want to host a networking event for your clients and other local businesses? Do you need to find a venue to hold an important conference? Perhaps you want to celebrate the hard work of your employees? Or maybe you’re looking to boost the morale of your workforce and want to throw a team building event? Whatever it is, make sure it’s clear in your head exactly what you want to achieve as it’ll allow you to better plan the other aspects of the event and ensure the outcome of the day is just as you desired.

Establish a Budget

Before you start booking or buying anything, it’s important to clarify a budget that you’ll stick to. You’ll want to avoid breaking your company’s bank account, but at the same time, you don’t want to appear cheap or tacky in front of your clients.

Create a comprehensive list of everything you need to buy, calculate the costs and if you’re over your budget, go back and highlight the items you really must have. If you have something on your list that’s not going to add any value to your event, cross it off.

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Book Your Day Cruise

Sydney Harbour cruises are popular for locals and tourists alike, and therefore book up quickly during peak times of the year. It’s therefore advised that you book and secure your slot as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Whilst booking, be sure to communicate with the cruise provider the finer details of your event, such as wharf locations, departure times, dietary requirements and so on to ensure they have the facilities to be able to accommodate your requests. They specialise in organising these types of events, so they’ll be able to offer advice and recommendations tailored to your individual requirements.

Also note that the prices usually vary depending on the time of year and day of the week.

At Karisma Cruises our modern cruise boat is packed with premium features and is perfect for hosting corporate lunches. View our gallery here.

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Invite Your Guests

Invitations are essential for corporate events – it doesn’t matter if they’re tangible or sent via email, they act as their ticket for getting away from their monotonous daily schedule. They should include all the information they need to know, including the dress code, timings and what to expect from the day, as well as a kind request to inform you of any dietary requirements or health concerns that the boat team need to be aware of.

We recommend sending them out as soon as you’ve booked your venue so that your guests can save the date and avoid inadvertently double-booking themselves.

If it’s absolutely crucial that all or certain guests are able to come, we recommend using a free Doodle Poll to check availability in advance. This handy tool can also be used to check dietary requirements.

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Food and Drink

The food and drink on offer at corporate events can sometimes be what makes or breaks them, so you need to understand your audience and make sure there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Consider whether you want some light nibbles for guests to pick and choose at, or whether you’d prefer a much more formal, sit-down 3 course meal.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, feel free to take a look at our current menus. From decorative canapés to varied buffets and fresh platters, at Karisma we offer a wide range of food options and can create a tailored menu to suit your personal needs and budget. Our beautiful cruise boat even has a BBQ onboard, perfect for those hot summer days!

The nature of your event will also affect whether alcoholic drinks will be available, or if it’ll be soft drinks only. We do, however, recommend that you offer a complimentary drink (alcoholic or not) as it can be a nice touch to help all guests feel at ease from the moment they step foot on the boat.


For some types of corporate events, decoration may not be needed, but for others, it can be perfect for setting the tone. If you’re launching a new product or are celebrating a company achievement for example, you might feel inclined to put some bunting and balloons around the boat or maybe add centrepieces and coloured linen to each table.

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Sydney Harbour Lunch Cruises with Karisma Cruises

If you’re organising a corporate event in Sydney and are on the lookout for the perfect venue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here at Karisma Cruises. Our prestigious and stylish vessel can be chartered out for all types of functions in Sydney Harbour, and is the perfect location for those wanting to make an impact from their corporate event.

We pride ourselves on delivering a stellar service with our team always on hand should you have any queries throughout the event.

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