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18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th birthdays… they are all milestones that should be celebrated in a special and memorable way. Even those in-between birthdays where you are just ready to turn it up!

Birthdays With Karisma

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An amazing venue, one of the most beautiful backgrounds in the world, attentive service, delicious food and a diverse bar selection.

What else do you need to make your birthday as special as it can be?

Maybe some expert advice in the planning? Some fun add-ons that will set it apart from all other events? What about a spa, glass floors and LED lighting to really set the celebration mood?

We have it all at Karisma, and if we happen to be missing that one detail that’s important for you, we’ll do what we can to come up with something that will exceed your expectations.

From a classy celebration with live music to a trendy party with an awesome DJ and everything in between, we can give you the best version of what you have in mind. Contact us for a customized event or check out our Birthday Party Packages.

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