Our Quick Guide to Organising a Party in Sydney

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Whether you’re throwing a party to celebrate your wedding anniversary, or planning a surprise party for a loved one, with so much to take care of, planning a celebration can be very stressful. We’ve put together some essential steps to help you plan, and to hopefully reduce the stress!

Set a confirmed date

If you’re planning to invite a large number of people, it’s inevitable that some family members or friends will be busy, and may not be able to attend. It will be near impossible to find a date when everyone is free, but book the party well in advance so that your guests can put the date in their diary and have plenty of forewarning.

Choosing a venue in Sydney

Make the party exciting and different by hosting it at a unique venue. BBQs on the beach are good fun, but after a while they get a little tedious and repetitive. With Karisma Cruises, you can exclusively hire out one of our beautiful vessels, which will certainly ensure your party is one to remember!

Booking entertainment

There are so many different types of entertainment to choose from, but it’s important you choose the right one. Something as simple as a DJ is always a popular choice, but if you want something different, you could also consider having a themed party. Perhaps everyone must come dressed in those notorious Hawaiian shirts, or maybe encourage everyone to dress up as their favourite superhero! There also are other fun ideas such as magicians or photo booths to add to the fun.

Preparing or selecting the food

Arrange or select the food well in advance to avoid any last-minute worries. Usually people are happy to help, so if you are organising the catering, ask some guests if they will assist you in buying and preparing the food – more hands make light work! Or if the venue is providing the catering, ensure to choose a varied and crowd pleasing menu and to ask around for dietary requirements nice and early to ensure nobody goes hungry.

Sending out invitations

Nowadays, people usually text their guests to invite them to their party, and don’t bother at all with invitations. This may seem practical, but with no reminder, people often forget about the party. Give out invitations that people can put on their fridge – it won’t completely rule out people forgetting, but it will hopefully reduce the chance.

Alternatively, the online tool, ‘Doodle’, allows you to schedule events, such as parties, by sending out a poll to all of your guests asking them what dates and times they are free. This makes it much easier for you as you can view the replies to determine when the best date and time for the party is. Automatic and manual reminders can also be sent out to prevent the problem of people forgetting!

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