How to Celebrate the End of The Financial Year in Sydney

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Reaching the end of the financial year is a great excuse to celebrate and recognise the hard work of your employees! Whether you’ve smashed your sales target, acquired some great new clients or improved your customer satisfaction level, you and your staff deserve some time to unwind.

Your workforce has probably experienced high-levels of stress and pressure throughout the year, and there’s no better way to motivate and re-energise them than throwing an unforgettable EOFY party!

Not to worry if you are struggling for ideas and ways to celebrate the EOFY, in our mini guide below we’ve featured some of our top tips and things to consider whilst planning the ultimate celebration!

Best Venue for an EOFY Party

Going for a meal at your local restaurant or having a few drinks in your office may seem like a good idea, but shows a lack of effort and doesn’t make a lasting impression on your employees or clients. If you intend to go to town with this celebration, look no further than hiring a private boat on Sydney Harbour. Karisma Cruises’ beautiful vessel comes with a fully-stocked bar and professional service, and provides a premium experience on the Harbour for all. If you want to avoid missing out on this unique way of celebrating the EOFY, make sure to get in touch today.

End of Financial Year Packages

EOFY Party Food & Drink

If you’re planning a luxury party, you need luxury food and drink. Avoid basic food such as crisps and plain sandwiches, and consider supplying a wide range of luxury canapés with a range of beautifully-cooked meat, as well as plenty of vegetarian options. With that, ensure a range of different beverage options to wash that down with. The food is often the highlight of any event, so ensuring you get this right will help you to get the whole event right.

Vivid Sydney & End of Financial Year

Conveniently, Sydney’s most exciting winter festival, Vivid Sydney, occurs around the same time as the end of the financial year, and is arguably the way to celebrate the EFOY. The award-winning annual festival of light, music and ideas is a unique and fascinating event, attracting large crowds from all over the place. If you’re eager to enjoy Vivid Sydney, but want to avoid the frantic crowds, hiring a luxury boat is your best solution. You will experience unprecedented 360° views of the vibrant lights, whilst enjoying the exclusive company of your family and friends.

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