Hiring a Boat? Ultimate Checklist for Hiring a Boat on Sydney Harbour

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There are many reasons you may be considering hiring a boat. From corporate events, to weddings, to BYO parties – private cruises and boat hires can be the ultimate experience.
Sydney Harbour is the perfect backdrop for any event and here at Karisma Cruises, we pride ourselves on helping our guests create memories that’ll last a lifetime in this stunning location.
When hiring a boat, there are a few things to think about, so we’ve created this guide to help you get yourself well prepared for the day.

1. Initial Planning

The first thing to think about is the reason for hiring a boat. Are you celebrating a milestone at work? Or perhaps celebrating someone’s birthday? Or maybe you and your friends want an excuse to have a party! Whatever the reason, thinking carefully about what you want out of the day, can ensure it delivers everything you could have hoped for.

We have special packages tailored to certain events, such as Christmas, birthdays and celebrations. For certain events, you may want to bring certain activities yourself, or have the boat decorated in a certain way.

You’ll also want to think about catering and drinks. You could arrange a BYO style party, or have the event fully catered for you. BYO parties can be great and gives you more control, but you want to ensure everyone is happy with the food/drink choices and that there is enough. We can help offer recommendations based on our experience if you need any help.

For those looking for catered options, we can supply a range of food and drink options. From canapes to formal dining, we cater to everything, to help offer a highly personalized service to meet your preferences.

There’s also music and even games/activities to think about. Once you realise you are inviting a whole office and wanting space to dance, you need ensure you pick a boat that is suitable. This is why our vessel Karisma is so popular, as it can be used for so many occasions and has the space, so it can be tailored to your requirements.

You’ll also want to think about what wharves and what route around Sydney Harbour you’d like to take. Would your guests like to see anything in particular? If you’re not sure, don’t worry, our team can listen to what you’ve got planned and make personal recommendations on getting the most out of the day.

Understanding everything you need from the day will ensure we can get it all organised and arranged from the start. As you can see, there’s plenty to think about before you even book a boat, but it all adds to the excitement!

2. Booking

Our boats often book up quickly, especially for certain events and days throughout the year. To avoid disappointment, get in touch with us as soon as possible, and we’ll secure your booking, so you can have peace of mind you won’t miss out.

Our friendly team are always on hand to help out too, so if you are thinking about hiring a boat, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our event coordinators will also help offer advice and recommendations based on what you’re looking for. From menus to bespoke activities, our team have a wealth of experience and can help you craft the perfect day.

We’ve also got additional features, such as hydraulic swim stairs, six-person heated spa and sunbaking deck by the spa that we can ensure you make the most out of during your time on the boat.

Prices also vary depending on the time of year and the day of the week, so bare that in mind when booking a boat.

Before the day, we’ll also be able to confirm the details, such as departure times, wharf locations, menus, dietary requirements, and any other things that need organising.

3. Inviting Guests

Once the event is planned and booked, it’s time to spread the word and invite the guests. It’s always worth ensuring every guest knows what time to be at the harbour for, and what to bring (particularly if they want to make use of the spa/sunbathe).

It’s worth informing all the guests what to expect from the day – for example, how long the event will go on for, when lunch or dinner will be served, where it will go, etc.

It’s also worth confirming with each guest any dietary requirements or any health concerns a boat hire company should be aware of.

It can also be a fun activity to create a playlist for the event, where guests can contribute their song choices. After all, no party is complete without music!

4. The Day of the Cruise

If you have any questions leading up to the day, our team are always on hand to help out. On the day, our professional crew will be ready to welcome you onboard the vessel. Our hospitality team delivers the highest standard of service, ensuring a friendly and attentive service to create a memorable experience with us.

Our team is what makes Karisma Cruises so special and they’ll be on hand for the whole time, to help ensure your day on Sydney Harbour is a day to remember.

You’ll want to ensure you and all the guests have brought everything you may need. Remember sunscreen, especially for those hot summer days!

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