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Conditions of BYO

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Conditions of BYO

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All clients looking to book a BYO package on board Karisma are required to read and sign off on the below BYO terms and conditions. This is to ensure awareness of the conditions prior to the event to eliminate any potential disputes or confusion on the day. This agreement is to be signed by the charterer and returned to the operator upon booking. 

BYO Surcharge Includes: 

  • Pre-access 1 hour before charter to deliver drinks and catering, set-up for DJ or styling/decorations 
  • Bar set up/stocked ready for service on the day of event 
  • Assisted use of galley facilities (applicable to BYO food) 
  • Cleaning up during charter 
  • Rubbish removal post-charter 

Please note, this does NOT include Ice, platters, utensils, drinkware, plates, and cutlery. 

Please BYO disposables or if preferred, we can provide these items with an Amenities fee – $250. 

BYO Ice (applicable to BYO beverages only) We do recommend that clients bring between 8-12 bags of ice. 

Return Pick-up Fee – Guests are required to remove all leftover beverages, catering supplies and decorations at the end of the charter at Pirrama Park – a $250 collection fee is applicable if they wish to leave it to be stored and collected on another day 


Pre-cooked /Prepared Foods Only 

Only pre-prepared or pre-cooked foods are permitted on board for BYO catering. Foods that require to be kept warm in the oven are permitted and will then be placed on a platter for service. A range of substantial platters or grazing boards are permitted for BYO catering provided they meet our liquor licence conditions of providing 350 grams per person. If the amount of food brought on board on the day doesn’t meet with these requirements, the Cruise Director will inform the organiser and they will be required to order pizzas delivered to the boat. 

Please note: We do not permit use of our BBQ by guests. We offer an extensive range of BBQ Menus cooked by our staff which they are welcome to choose from if they would like a BBQ option. 

External on-board chefs/catering companies are considered on application only 


*Individual drinks are not permitted 

Due to the facilities, layout and service on board Karisma, BYO beverages are preferred to be delivered to the boat 1 hour prior to the cruise to allow time for them to be set up prior to the entire party boarding. If individuals insist on bringing their own drinks separately, the bar staff will only put a mixture of these out at one time and guests will have to share them throughout the charter. Staff will not label individuals drinks with their names and keep them behind the bar for service. 

If the group would like to bring them on at the boarding wharf rather than 1 hour prior, they will need to allow our bar staff 15 minutes to set up the bar before service starts. 


Incur a $100 fee 

By law, music must be turned down to a low level when entering Darling Harbour or any public wharf. This applies when we are boarding or disembarking guests. If the DJ is disembarking at the drop off location with guests, they need to shut down and begin packing up their equipment 10 minutes early due to limited time allocation on the wharf for drop off, otherwise they are welcome to travel back to Pirrama Park to bump out immediately following the charter. 

BYO T&Cs on Karisma 

• Substantial catering is to be brought on board to adhere to liquor licensing laws whilst alcohol is being consumed (minimum 350gm of food per person) 

• Beverages will be served and monitored by RSA certified staff members on board 

• ‘Strict ‘no shots’ policy 

• BYO leftover items are not legally permitted to be removed by intoxicated guests upon disembarkation at public wharves. The guests are welcome to remove these at Pirrama Park immediately following their charter. If they are left behind to be collected during the week, a $250 collection fee will be payable to the boat owner. Any leftover BYO items will be held for 5 days post-charter only. Beyond this time any leftover items stored will be disposed of and the boat operator claims no liability 

• No guests under 18 will be permitted to board. Guests without ID as proof of age will also be refused to board 

• Staff have the right to refuse boarding of any intoxicated person 

• The Captain has the right to remove any intoxicated person from the vessel at any time they deem necessary