Catamaran Vs Yacht – Everything You Need to Know

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Catamaran vs yacht: which is the better? This remains a subject of great debate between seasoned sailors and those looking to hire a boat for an event. Both have numerous advantages, each able to offer the experience of the lifetime on open waters. Ultimately, it depends entirely on what you are looking for and invariably there is always going to have to be an element of compromise as you choose which vessel best suits your specific charter requirements.
So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what you need to know to aid you in your decision making.

How to Choose Between a Catamaran and Yacht


  1. Space

With living space primarily above water and spread across two hulls, catamarans generally provide a far greater living space than monohulls. Cabins on the whole are more spacious and, more importantly, afford ample floor to ceiling clearance allowing ample headroom for everyone. Additionally, catamarans offer multiple decks giving greater freedom of movement, personal space if needed and that all important comfortable shelter should the weather suddenly become inclement. Seating space is ample and comfortable with many catamarans furnished with sundecks and lounging facilities alongside well stocked bars and superb dining facilities.

  1. Comfort

Both monohulls and catamarans can have the most luxurious of fittings and all mod cons, but it is worth bearing in mind that in a monohull most of the living space can be below water level. With little air or natural light and the monohull’s propensity to keel more than a twin hull, this can compound seasickness. Catamarans, on the other hand, are well-ventilated, have access to natural air and light and, with the living area above sea level, are always going to afford the best possible 360-degree views.

Nevertheless, much of this depends on the type of boat – both catamarans and yachts can vary so much in size and comfort.

  1. Stability

With two hulls, the catamaran tops the bill every time in terms of stability. This makes it so much easier not only to move about on deck but also to drink and dine in comfort if this is one of the aims of your voyage. The inherent stability of the catamaran also makes it the best possible of vessels for younger or older members of your party who are less sure on their feet: your voyage will be smooth from start to finish and they will be safe to walk about unaided with little fear of losing their footing or falling overboard. Everyone can sit back, take in the view, breathe in that most refreshing of sea air and relax.

The shallowness of a catamaran’s hulls also allows you to explore coves, caves and beaches at much closer quarters than is possible in a monohull, getting right up alongside sealife in its most natural of habitats. This feature also allows anchorage in the shallowest of waters making it easy to access any of the more remote beach locations you may come across during your voyage. Additionally, the inherent stability and ease of anchorage of the catamaran make it the ideal vessel if you are in quest of water-based activities such as swimming, diving or snorkelling. Many catamarans feature steps or ladders leading down to the water at the rear of the boat making entry and exit from the waters as simple as getting in and out of a swimming pool. The distance between the deck and water surface when on a yacht makes this a slightly trickier and definitely less elegant manoeuvre.

  1. Exhilaration

If it’s the thrill factor you’re looking for, you enjoy the sport of sailing, you’re an adrenaline junkie who fancies hanging overboard at 25 degrees – who wouldn’t! – as your boat slices at speed through the water, then the yacht is for you! Nothing can beat that sensation. Assuming of course that you are looking at a solo or small party voyage. For larger groups, it just has to be the catamaran which with its ability to travel up to 25% faster than any comparable yacht has its own unique thrill factor.

  1. Aesthetics

Now it becomes highly subjective! Scan any harbour with an eclectic mix of yachts and catamarans moored, large and small, and involuntarily your eyes will always fix on some magnificent yacht: its elegance, height of craftsmanship, its amazing beauty. Practically though, the catamaran will draw you in terms of its versatility, its multiple decks offering a variety of sitting, lounging, drinking, dining and partying facilities. And if it’s luxury you are looking for, there are certainly plenty of top of the range catamarans out there to choose from.

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Hiring a Catamaran with Karisma Cruises

At the end of the day, there is no distinct advantage or disadvantage to the catamaran or yacht: it’s basically down to personal preference and what suits your requirements best. If you are looking for a cruise vessel that will allow you to explore every nook, cranny and cove of Sydney Harbour and its immediate environs, a vessel that offers the opportunity to wine and dine in utmost comfort and luxury with family, friends or colleagues with 360 degree panoramic views or a boat from which you can have a party with DJ and dancefloor, then we at Karisma Cruises are the charter company for you. Our beautiful catamaran, the Karisma, moored in Darling Harbour, Sydney, boasts three luxurious large undercover decks for entertaining, a PA system and in-house sound system to get your party rolling, hydraulic swim stairs, a six person heated spa and even an outdoor BBQ for the ultimate chill experience with whoever you invite on your charter. We have packages for every event and everyone. We even offer Bring Your Own Harbour Charters for those of you wanting to bring your own food and beverages.

For an informal chat on how we can fulfil your dream charter experience, please contact us today and we will do our utmost to make your dream a reality. We look forward to hearing from you.