Best Beaches to Visit if You’re Coming to Sydney

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Sydney: that trip of a lifetime, the destination of your dreams. You’ve worked for it, saved for it, it’s fast approaching, perhaps it’s already here! Whatever the case, one thing is for sure, once you’ve arrived, you’ll want to make the most of each and every second of your trip in this most wonderful of world cities.

But with so much on offer, particularly when it comes to beaches, where on earth do you start!

Whether it’s surfing, paddle-boarding, people-watching, kayaking, volley-ball, scuba-diving, snorkelling or just plain old sunbathing and relaxing, we can guarantee Sydney has the perfect beach for everyone.

To help you decide, we’ve pulled together this mini-guide of some of what we consider to be the best beaches in the vicinity. We hope you find it useful.

Best Beaches to Visit in Sydney

  1. Bondi Beach

Whatever you’re looking for beach-wise, you can’t visit Sydney without a trip to Bondi Beach – if only to say, you’ve actually been there! With its crescent of golden sand, clear turquoise waters and consistently good waves, Bondi is undoubtedly one of the best and most beautiful beaches in Sydney. Here you can sunbathe, people watch, relax or go swimming and surfing. Bondi’s unique shape makes it ideal for swimmers and surfers of all abilities: head south of the bay if you are an experienced surfer in quest of larger waves, north if you’re more of a novice where the smaller waves will help you hone your skills. And, if you’ve never surfed before, sign up at one of the many accredited surf schools – a great thing to tick off your bucket list!

Whilst it can get very busy, the savvy beach-lover will know the best time to pick: an early arrival will find Bondi sublimely peaceful with only locals around. It may also afford you that magical and unforgettable experience of watching the sun rise over the ocean before the hordes appear.

And with countless vibrant bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from along with designer beachwear shops, Bondi’s offer extends far beyond simply beach.

  1. Gordon’s Bay

Tucked away between Clovelly and Coogee Beach and protected by an offshore reef, Gordon’s Bay, a tiny sparkling oasis teeming with marine life, is one of Sydney’s most popular snorkelling locations and home to a unique 500 metre underwater nature trail. Access is only to pedestrians via neighbouring streets or the Coastal Walk, but this does nothing to impede its popularity with snorkelers. Embark on your very own self-guided snorkelling adventure and, amongst other things, you’ll find reefs, sand traps, kelp forests, starfish, sea urchins, cuttlefish and blue gropers. To enjoy this cove at its best and reserve a great spot on the rocks that circle the alcove, be sure to arrive early, then sit back and drink in the scenery that surrounds this bit of paradise.

  1. Palm Beach

Palm Beach, a long strip culminating in lush bushlands and dunes with an accompanying golf course, is Sydney’s most northerly stretch of beach and just as stunning as Bondi. Its distance from central Sydney does however make it quieter so if you’re looking for a laid-back beach, this is the one for you. Enjoy amazing food on the timber veranda of the waterfront “Boathouse” and get up close with the many celebrities who often visit this beach. Home to the popular TV series “Home and Away”, you never quite know who you’ll be sharing sand or sea with! Hire a paddleboard or kayak to take a tour of the bay, enjoy a walk along the stunning coastal path for panoramic views over Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and out to sea or head south on the beach if you’re looking to swim in gentler waters.

  1. Camp Cove

Camp Cove is a small, family friendly beach with blissfully calm waters facilitating perfect swimming conditions. There’s not a lot of shade so be sure to pack a beach umbrella. Its idyllic waters offer great opportunities for snorkelling straight from the beach and it is also a popular training spot for divers. Westward facing, it affords different views including the possibility to watch the sun set behind Sydney’s breath-taking city skyline.

  1. Watson’s Bay

If you’re looking for a beach with a bit of history to it, head to Watson’s Bay, Australia’s oldest fishing village and the place where Captain Cook first dropped anchor as he sailed into harbour. Tiny heritage cottages still line the narrow streets and, with a fantastic heritage trail to follow, this bay offers the discerning visitor something other than just beach. It remains a top location for picnics, leisurely lunches, sunbathing and walking. It is also incredibly easy to get to via one of the most scenic ferry rides Sydney has to offer from Circular Quay.

  1. Bronte Beach

Bronte Beach lies just one kilometre away from magnificent Bondi via a spectacular coastal walk. The beach is significantly quieter than Bondi but facing east, the waters pick up ocean swell from any direction presenting waves for only the most intrepid surfers! Underwater rocks also require caution for anyone contemplating swimming here but with Bronte sea baths at the southern end of the beach, there is nothing in the way of a pleasant dip for the more nervous swimmer amongst us.

  1. Manly Beach

Host to the Australian Open of Surfing every February, it would be remiss to omit Manly from our guide. With beachside cafes, bars and restaurants aplenty and everything from paddle-boarding to beach volleyball and jet boating, this beach has something for everyone!

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From the world’s most iconic beaches to secluded bays and coves, Sydney has it all. Whatever your beach preference, we hope our mini-guide has given you some pointers as to the best beaches for you.

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