8 Reasons You Will Book A Harbour Cruise For Your Next Event!

Wave Line

Be it corporate, a birthday, Christmas party, EOFY, Australia Day, NYE (the list goes on) or even just a casual day out with family or friends on the water, here are 8 reasons why you will without a doubt hire a boat on Sydney Harbour for your next special occasion…

1. People throw their inhibitions to the wind when they are on a boat! Even the shyest of guests come to life! Everyone mingles, nobody stands in the corner and they tend to become a very relaxed and comfortable version of themselves. Great if you are really wanting your guests to move around, chat to each other and eventually maybe even bust a move on the dancefloor!

2. People can’t escape! Corporates know this one all too well! (until the boat docks for disembarkation and by then they don’t want to) They are basically forced to have a good time! Yikes.

3. No over-decorating required like there generally is at a blank canvas venue of 4 closed walls. Most of Sydney Harbour’s newer vessels have been designed uniquely and with a modern appearance of simple, tasteful décor leaving you with nothing left to do to give it that wow factor if you don’t want to. In fact, over-decorating these beautiful boats can spoil the aesthetic appeal. Wait, is that less work for a better outcome? Perfect!

4. It eliminates that time consuming task of finding a venue with that perfect waterfront view (we all know that is usually a must, especially in summer) If you are looking at hiring a boat on the Harbour, you quite literally already have front row seats to it. Tick!

5. It is a great way to spice it up from the boring land-based events. We as humans are on land every single day! Time for a change.

6. Most boats allow a chance for free advertising to promote your brand/company/product on a venue in motion, passing numerous other boats and land-based waterfront venues for people to see.

7. Many boats offer ample coverage, clears, inside space and ducted air conditioning to ensure that even in unfavourable weather guests will still be comfortable. Keep this in mind when choosing the boat and it will be the same scenario as if it were at a land-based venue. Winning!

8. It is exclusive to you and your guests! No need to share with other groups or fight crowds to get to the bar. People do that every weekend! What a nice change to have the boat staff and crew on board there to serve you and ONLY you!