6 Benefits of BYO When Hiring a Boat

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Here at Karisma Cruises, we take great pride in providing a top-class luxury boat hire service to our clients. We want to make sure we not only meet, but also exceed our clients’ expectations, and BYO is just one of the many catering packages we offer.
The food and drink provided at any event is crucial to its success, which is why we like to offer flexibility. Some prefer to have our professional, on-board chefs create mouth-watering dishes, whereas others prefer to have greater control over the food and prepare it themselves.
So if you’re looking to hire a beautiful vessel and are unsure of the type of catering you’d like to involve, here we’ve explained exactly what BYO is and why you might utilise it.

What is BYO?

BYO (bring your own) style parties are popular types of events where the host of a party provides the food and drink for their guests rather than have it provided by the venue. They’re often favoured for BBQs, al fresco events and other informal gatherings as they’re ideal for ensuring all guests are happy and catered for.

Benefits of BYO Catering

In relation to hosting a party or gathering on a private boat, BYO present a wealth of benefits, including:

  1. Cheaper

BYO-type events are perfect for those on a tight budget. Food and drink can be one of the largest costs when organising a party, so having the option to BYO can considerably lower this. You’ll have full control over what you’re purchasing and will avoid paying any additional margins.

As you’ll be spending less on the catering side of your event, any additional budget you have remaining can be used on some awesome extra features such as a spa or DJ!

  1. More Control

You’ll have complete control over the type and volume of food and drink provided. Although it can be nice to have professional chefs cook and prepare your cuisine, some of your guests might have allergies and you therefore need to know exactly what ingredients are in the food you’re providing.

BYO is also ideal if you have very particular preferences. If you only drink a certain brand of wine, for example, or know someone who has a favourite type of beer, you can make sure it’s on-board with you and ensure everyone is pleased. You’ll be able to offer more than just Corona and craft your own menu to make sure the event turns out just how you desire.

You’ll even have control over the structure of your party, deciding when you want to serve the food and when last drinks are available.

  1. Create Your Own Dish/Cocktail

Another benefit of hosting a BYO event is that you have the freedom to make your own dish and/or drink. You might be renowned for making a delicious quiche or a delightful pavlova and BYO parties present the perfect opportunity for you to share it with your lucky guests!

You also have the chance to create your very own signature cocktail! You could perhaps create an entirely new drink for all to enjoy, or perhaps add your own spin to a classic – the choice is yours!

  1. Attentive & High-Quality Service

Just because you’re hosting a BYO event doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the venue and quality of service. Here at Karisma Cruises, our beautiful, modern vessel is often utilised as the location for BYO parties and is favoured for its stunning appearance and modern features, such as an in-house sound system, LED lighting and hydraulic swim stairs.

Our friendly and professional crew are also on-board throughout your party to serve drinks, assist you with the food and offer their specialist help should you have any queries.

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  1. Team Effort

With a BYO party, it’s unlikely you’ll be required to prepare all the food. Family and friends are sure to be more than willing to help out and take some of the load, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the party you need to plan, such as the pickup/drop off time and sending invites to guests.

  1. Left Over Food & Drink is Yours

The beauty of BYO is that no food nor drink will go to waste. Any bottles unopened or dishes untouched can be taken home to be consumed another day, which is something that you wouldn’t get had you not prepared the catering yourself. You definitely get your money’s worth with BYO parties!

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